250,000+ Login/Passwords disclosed in The Trident Crypto Fund Data Breach

More than 260,000 customers’ data was compromised online in a gigantic data breach that went down pretty recently. Trident is a crypto-investment index fund that functions as an arm of the “Dragonara Business Canter”, Italy. It also is reportedly the “first coin-based index fund”.

As per reports, Trident Crypto Fund experienced a data breach which leaked thousands of customer records including usernames and passwords online.

And like scattered sugar for ants, the leaked records were immediately devoured by the cyber-cons right after they were compromised.

The attackers exploited personal data of over 260,000 registered users of the Trident Crypto found.

As per the Reports, the leaked data comprised of phone numbers, encrypted passwords, email addresses, and IP addresses. The aforementioned data was discovered to be published on several “file-sharing” websites in the past month.

A victim of the breach was contacted by security researchers, who confirmed the connection between the fund and the leaked data.

The Russians were the ones to get heavily affected by the above-mentioned data leak as the compromised data was a direct key to their accounts. Word has it that more than 10,000 Russian users were impacted by the Trident Crypto Fund data breach.

This data breach structured the history of data leakages for Russia as this happens to be one of the first major ‘Personal’ data breaches the country’s citizens have faced that has had such a major impact.